Money in MD2 pineapples

BESUT: People in Terengganu can earn some additional income by growing the new MD2 (ananas comosus) pineapple variety on a bigger scale, with help from the state government.

Terengganu Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Plantations and Commodities Committee chairman Datuk Muhammad Pehimi Yusof said the state government and Terengganu branch of the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (LPNM) have opened applications to those who were interested in planting the hybrid pineapple.

He said the forms were available through the state government’s representatives in every district.

“Successful applicants will be provided with MD2 pineapple seeds and monitoring services by the board from time to time,” he said after the MD2 Pineapple Harvesting and Promotion programme at Kampung Batu Tumbuh in Besut here.

Muhammad Pehimi said a study found that the pineapple had potential and was suitable to grow in Terengganu due to the soil conditions, namely a mixture of clay and sand.

The seeds of this pineapple variety will be easily available as each tree can produce seedlings between four to five shoots, he added.